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I need your help, and that of any chaps you know who might have something to share.

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I am in the early stages of writing a book, aimed at both genders. It is NOT a guide for women to behave like men nor a rant at men to behave better. It’s taking the research and making it practical, helpful and useful (and not too heavy).

I’d like to use some real life examples for would be very grateful if you have any to share. I’m looking for examples of men not understanding women and vice versa. Or, why as a woman you might not have spoken up in a meeting, or as a man, you feel that women go too far round the houses before reaching their point. Is there something the opposite gender does when speaking that drives you to distraction? Research shows that despite men and women both thinking women talk the most at work,  it’s actually not true. What kind of impact does that have?

N.B. Although I need to know who you are your name doesn’t need to go in the book so please speak freely. I will send you a free copy of the book if featured, obviously!

Please do share this with colleagues, Thank you so much.  Email me here.

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