Are You an Underground Woman?

Female miner by Designzzz, for which many thanks.

Do I need to put a miner’s lamp on your head to light your way? Are you busy working away in the dark, keeping your talents hidden, staying low profile, putting up with what you’ve got?

Ok, enough of the mining analogy. You get the picture. I meet so many women who are living on ‘automatic pilot’. Getting on with ‘Life’ takes over and we respond to events as they happen, rather than taking control, or, as I like to say, (somewhat pretentiously you may feel),  Living Consciously. It’s certainly happened to me at various points in my life. You just get so busy there seems no time at all to stop and stare, to enjoy life and really think about what you want from it.

When did you last take time out of your busy schedule to think about what you want to do next? To ponder if what you are doing now is just what you want to be doing, or if it is a step on the way somewhere else, or if it’s just what was available at the time, and you’ve accepted second best?

Women still have so many other responsibilities besides work that it’s usual for me to get a negative answer to those questions. Women tend to put their career and own needs last. Frequently men describe women as risk averse. Compared to them, that is. Only you know what feels risky for you and can determine how far you will go. But if you look back, probably your best moments in life have come when you stepped out of your comfort zone and took a wee risk or two? Go on, live a little.

Maybe this is a good time for you to take stock and try something new…

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