Are You Mentoring the Women at Work?

People who have a positive mentoring experience tend to do well in their careers. I am fine with women being mentored by men; if it works for them, great. However, I do also like to see successful women helping other women get onto the first few rungs of the ladder. When I talk to women about this they are often a tad diffident, usually thinking they are not qualified enough, or good enough. A few questions usually elicits the information that this is wrong, they have much more to offer than they realise.

Have you been around in your organisation or business for some time?

Are you an expert/knowledgeable/experienced in your field?

Have you overcome some obstacles in your career?

Do you have a lot of knowledge and experience of life?

If you answered yes to any of the above, are you sharing that wealth of wisdom around?

Talk to any successful woman about what has helped them in their career, and at some point they will tell you about significant people in their lives who have mentored them. (You can see some of Changing People’s interviews with inspiring women here)

What is a Mentor?

There are as many types of mentor as there are people looking to be mentored. Sometimes they are our role models, people we admire and aspire to be like.

Sometimes they are people with a great knowledge of a subject that we respect and want to learn from. They may be people older than us with wisdom gained through life experience, or people a few levels higher than us at work who have already negotiated some of the pitfalls we are facing.

Or they may be professionals, like me, who coach individuals with a clear contract on both sides.

The aims are usually the same:

To help another person to develop personally or professionally

To nurture talent

To help people find solutions to the problems they are facing

I’d also add, to further the pool of talented women in business which will have a proven knock on effect on profitability and success of the organisation. (Well, I would say that, wouldn’t I? Everyone gains when gender equality triumphs).

Just consider for a moment what you might have to offer someone, maybe someone new at your workplace? Or a woman below you who is showing potential. Or even one who isn’t, but look like she could do with a helping hand. When running my courses or coaching, I find women have many more skills and talents than they give themeselves credit for. Don’t let all that experience and knowledge go to waste. Share the wealth! Who could YOU mentor?

P.S. From time to time coaching places become available. To find out more about one to one coaching, check this out.


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