Why Bother With Gender Equality?

Most of us have always known that there is a big gap in how much women and men earn. Some wag on Twitter pointed out to me that’s because more men are in managment posts… We are about to learn a lot more about the gender pay gap. The new UK legislation for firms employing over 250 people has concentrated minds on just how to ensure equality in the workplace. The BBC has been among the first to publish its pay gap figures and has got a lot of flack for it. (Big surprise, they are paying the men more than the women for same jobs, but have resolved to address this as a matter of urgency.)

By April 2018 up to 9,000 employers must publish their data and so far, just 89 have done so. It’s not always easy for firms to find the women; decades of unconscious bias, discrimination, unfriendly working practices, and women dropping out at middle management level has taken its toll. Businesses need to keep their women and encourage more to stay.

Why Bother With Gender Equality?

Companies that have a higher proportion of women in executive roles report stronger financial results. Opening up opportunities for women also creates a compound cultural benefit that is highly conducive to positive performance. In other words, businesses do better with an equal mix of men and women at all levels.

“By taking the lead on women’s progression, moving it from a diversity initiative to a core business priority, they are at the forefront of driving change to create fairer and more inclusive workplaces.”
Kathryn Nawrockyi, Director of Opportunity Now at Business in the Community.

Survey after survey identifies a lack of confidence amongst women holding them back from top positions. The reasons are many and various and forward thinking organisations with a strong commitment to equality and diversity, have used Changing People to help address this problem and maximise the potential of all their workforce. Everyone wins when a company is flourishing by enabling the talents of all its workforce to shine.

It isn’t always easy to find women of the calibre required who want the roles. It has to start way back in the life of an organisation, and way back in the life of a woman starting out in her career. Individuals and organisations need to start thinking about how to ensure a good flow of talented women through the pipeline. The culture has to change to be welcoming to women, not just expecting them to behave like men.

If you are an individual woman reading this take a look at Women, what can you do about gender inequality? for some tips and advice.

If you’re part of an organisation looking for a reliable and tested programme to use, check this out. We have a one day programme, called RenewYou, that will enhance what you already offer, revitalise and enthuse your female staff, and refresh the parts other programmes can’t reach.

Here’s what one major construction business said:

Jane, of Changing People, is very knowledgeable and experienced about gender diversity, added to her passion and enthusiasm she is fascinating to work with. In 2016 we asked Jane to deliver her Renew You and Speak Up trainings, as we firmly believe her expertise can change behaviour in our organisation. It is my privilege to have met Jane and to have the chance to work with her to move forward this complicated behavioural agenda.”

Stéphanie Pullès,  Head of Corporate Responsibility, Bouygues UK Group
Chair of Welink UK, Female Employees Network of Bouygues Construction in the UK.

We can run courses in house, or train your own staff to run courses. You choose. We will bespoke our service to fit best with what you need. Talk to us. Our Business Director is Val Rosher on vrosher at changingpeople.co.uk or you can come through to me directly on jane at changingpeople.co.uk.

RenewYou is being delivered by Jane at the Bristol Law Society Headquarters on Tuesday November 28th. Book now.


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