What Does ‘Political Correctness’ Mean to You?

There has been a lot of noise in the media about gender fluidity, or neutrality or whatever you choose to call it. It’s fascinating and I have been contributing to that debate. However, the idea of challenging the status quo is clearly alarming for a lot of people.

Boys are boys, and girls and girls. How can you change that?

If you have time, click on the video and listen to this caller on a radio phone in, who, as many of us do from time to time, glibly trotted out the phrase ‘political correctness’ as in ‘political correctness gone mad’. The interviewer challenged him to say what he meant by what and he didn’t really have a great answer. It’s a thought provoking piece, whatever your views.

Most of us dislike change but how many of us really think it though? It’s a human tendency to think change (over which we have no control) will somehow make things worse for us. We rarely think “Oh great, a reorganisation at work, that will be good for me” but the exact opposite.

That’s what this caller was doing. Sticking with what he knows. Playing safe and trotting out cliches without really thinking about it. How can we develop if we always play safe and stick with what we know? We’d certainly not have the vote if a certain group of women had decided not to challenge the status quo. If you think back over your greatest triumphs they will all have involved a degree of risk, a certain amount of simply not accepting things just as they are, of challenging yourself.

I tweeted the above video clip out, followed by this,

It would be a very interesting world if we stopped imposing gender stereotypes. Can’t think of a downside… people fear change in status quo

Someone asked me what would be the biggest change. I didn’t need to think about that for very long and replied,

Biggest change would be impact on small girls who would not be subjected to limiting life choices. Imagine that generation coming through!

Do let me know your thoughts via Twitter.

Courses and Dates

In other news, this week sees us really getting the back to school vibe at Changing People. No, I’m not in a uniform clutching a too big satchel… but we are really busy promoting our Autumn courses for women in Bristol. You already know I am passionate about helping women be the best they can, fulfilling our potential. In fact, we have an exercise which very much relates to some of the ‘hidden influences’ on our lives as women, called Internal Mail. Spam messages that we have internalised without realising it, and that may be holding us back. This is my first open course of RenewYou for quite some time and I’m really looking forward to it. Details are here. Do come.

We’re also putting on a Speak Up in November with a newly revised accompanying book. More information coming soon.

PS If the videolink doesn’t open properly for you, try this instead.

RenewYou, October 9th and November 28th and Speak Up, November 23rd.


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