Some Days You Just Can’t Win, Can You?

A funny thing happened last week. I posted the previous blog post on LinkedIn, as I often do. (See here for the link to the post). A chap responded, apparently from an American University, that I was using a photo of a ‘pretty woman’ merely to draw attention to my post. Here is the exchange.

Him: I never know really how to respond to these kinds of posts that show an obviously attractive woman with a title about sexism or similar. Am I to immediately agree about first impressions that she is attractive, to react that we are using an attractive person to generate interest and attention in the article is an ongoing problem in the marketplace, or to be aware of our biases and perceptions about others in the human race. Pick up any magazine and see precisely this same thing — do we eliminate it by making it more common and expected?

Me: The picture is of the woman I refer to in the post. Her looks are not pertinent. I don’t understand your response, I’m afraid. Did you actually read the post?

Him: Nope. The post is simply not something of interest to me. But people are always using pictures of pretty women to attract attention to whatever they are offering. Her looks ARE pertinent for the purpose of generating attention. Pick or a magazine (or look at the stock photos used for many of the blogs). If we keep reinforcing sex as an approach to marketing, is it any wonder why sexism is still a reality? And just for reference, I HAVE called people out for this in the past in LI, for guys using such images simply to get attention to some post.

I was nonplussed and Catherine Meyer, co-founder of the Women’s Equality Party, was very amused. Perhaps he would have preferred it if I had used (by his terms of reference) an ‘ugly’ woman, and not the actual person I was referring to? It seems any woman, however modestly dressed and demurely posed, is still ‘sexual’ and not just a person. Somewhat ironic given that Catherine is suing her former employer on grounds of discrimination on sex and age.

Here’s the picture I used, provided by Catherine herself; I’ll leave you to judge.

Sometimes you just can’t win…

In other news, bookings are already coming in for our Autumn RenewYou days in Bristol but we still have places available. If you haven’t seen the information yet, do take a look, and if you, or anyone you know is interested, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you. It’s a lovely day, informal yet energising and genuinely life changing, in a good way. You will love it!


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