International Women’s Day – Meet some amazing women

Sometimes I feel like every day is International Women’s Day at Changing People; I get to talk with some amazing women and it’s my job!

To celebrate today, I’ve picked three women I have interviewed in the past and am ‘re-sharing’ their stories with you. It’s like recycling without the messy bins…

First, meet Bella Vuillermoz. We first talked when she was Director of Women in Leadership at Sky and we hit it off immediately. Bella is one of those women who really upholds the ideals of the sisterhood. She is so generous and thoughtful and I have lost count of the number of times she has introduced me to other really interesting women, and given me a helping hand. I’m mad about the girl and thrilled to give her a shout out today. Most recently she nominated me for the #missingmiddle on Twitter, an honour, although she herself has done so much more for the cause.

BellaVuillermoz @BellaVuillermoz

I nominate @HarrietMinter @MatthewGwyther @JaneCWoods and all the people @SkyCorporate working to eradicate the #missingmiddle.

The video below will tell you more about the idea behind the ‘missing middle’ (or try the link if it’s not showing up for you.).

Bella’s Changing People interview is here.

Next up I’ve alighted on Anita Anand (so many wonderful women to choose from).

Anita is a broadcaster and journalist and also a published author. I was particularly interested to ask her what she thought of Baroness Wolf’s claims that feminism was elitist and middle class. You can read her response here. Anita is also on Twitter, here.

And finally, a recent interview with businesswoman, Kat Heathcote, who has been described as an ‘intellectual hooligan’, a fantastic soubriquet and one which I covet. Kat had some very pithy things to say about Brexit, sexism and not making the tea. She is definitely worth revisiting.

Here is the full interview with Kat. You can also follow her on Twitter by clicking this link.

So, there you have it, three amazing women to celebrate International Women’s Day, dedicated to all you amazing women everywhere doing amazing things. Grab the moment, my darlings, let your light shine out, support women everywhere, and together we can change the world!

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