Fancy a Cuppa? It Could Be Bad For Your Career…

There was an interesting item on BBC radio recently about whether senior women should make the tea in meetings. I am of an age where it was tacitly assumed that women would make the teas or coffees, and see to everyone’s comfort. I didn’t particularly mind that much because by nature I am sociable and love to look after folk.

However, I was brought up short one day when I watched a senior woman colleague do the same and realised a) how much she missed of what was happening in the meeting and b) how doing it regularly lost her some credibility in the eyes of the men and women present. She was also quick to volunteer to take minutes when asked, again to the extent that other people sat back when the question was asked, and she always stepped up.

The BBC debate rolled around the question of being kind, making people feel at their ease, being nice, etc. I’m all for it. Kindness is hugely under rated. It is nice to have a drink at meetings. So I think we should let everyone have that experience. Share it around. Let the chaps as well as the women have the joy of it.

If you’d like to hear that discussion on the pros and cons of making the tea (it’s about 10 minutes long), it’s here on the BBC website.

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