Are You Hobbling Yourself?

I am pretty sure that generations to come will view us hobbling around in 4+ inch high heels the same way we now view the binding of women’s feet in China. It is hard to be effective when wobbling around in shoes not designed to fit women’s feet. That said, I have worn very high heels in my time. (Yes, darlings, I confess, I am susceptible to the advertising, too!) However, age does bring wisdom in regard to one’s feet, and the joy of kicking off your uncomfortable shoes cannot be underestimated.

And I don’t just mean in a literal sense. Kicking off the ties that bind can be wonderful. I did it when I left my ‘proper job’ aged 48 and three quarters. What a liberation.

Let me share a quote from Germaine Greer with you:

“Yet if a woman never lets herself go, how will she ever know how far she might have got? If she never takes off her high-heeled shoes, how will she ever know how far she could walk or how fast she could run?”

What is holding you back from realising your dreams, your full potential? What does kicking off your shoes really mean to you? What habit/person/job/belief do you need to get rid of to realise your true potential?

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