Why Women Still Don’t Get It.

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Just what is a woman supposed to do? We’re told one of the reasons why there is a gender pay gap, is because women do not actually ask for pay rises as often as men do. Yet, some recent research carried out in Australia contradicts this. Women there, it seems have been asking for pay rises in similar numbers to men. However, men are more likely to have their request agreed than women.

Of course, it could be (and no doubt some wag on Twitter will be only too keen to point out to me that this is the case,) because men are obviously better than women at their jobs and deserve more money. (Harrumph and other snorty noises of disbelief and incredulity).

Or, it could be that unconscious bias stills holds a powerful grip on our working practices. I know which answer I believe. Which is why the proposed  U.K. Government legislation on reporting of the Gender Pay Gap is so important. (For more information on the progress of the proposed legislation check out this link.)

So women, please, don’t stop asking. One day we’ll get there…

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