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Let 2017 be the year you no longer hide your your shining light!

To paraphrase one of my favourite quotes:

We’ll know we have true gender equality when half of all senior posts are filled by women and half of them are rubbish at their jobs!

For too long women have been held to different standards from men and, as many of the remarkable women I’ve interviewed over the years will tell you, we’ve had to be better than men to achieve to the same level.

Most of that is down to the unconscious bias inherent in us all. The systems and culture we’ve grown up with, ‘the patriarchy’.

Perhaps the most relevant phrase here is ‘in us all‘. We women are not immune to thinking we have to be better than men to succeed. We hold back from applying for jobs until we feel confident that we can do them, 100% and have all the necessary experience. That’s unrealistic (but understandable) and disadvantages us at work and in business.

Here’s a quote to illustrate the point from my recent interview with Ann Boden:, CEO of a brand new bank:

If you’re prepared to work twice as hard and are twice as ambitious, you’ll get as far as men do. You will have to be brighter than the competition and have more energy and work harder. You’ll get on if you do all these things. It’s about tenacity. Until decision-makers are unbiased, it will always be harder. There’s a huge amount of bias in men and women. You have to fight harder, longer. Find your role models and mentors, build your support network. They’ll make the fight more bearable.

So, this is my wish for you in 2017:

Be bold.

Know your worth.

Care more about what you think of you, not others views.

Have confidence in your abilities.

Don’t wait any longer, now is your time, resolve to grab every opportunity that comes your way in 2017.

Follow Your Dream and Be the Best Version of You.

My very best wishes to you for 2017, and thank you so much for your support and sharing of the blog.

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