Is this Car-ma?

If I’m honest, I was feeling a bit grumpy the other day. You know how it gets; I was rushing into Bath to do something on a voluntary basis and I had that little demon voice in my head nagging at me:

“Why are you doing this? You’re so busy with the RenewYou course, you should be sorting that out, you haven’t got time to do this. And now you’ve been stuck through two sets of lights, what on earth is going on?”

Grumble, mumble, moan. Honestly, be glad you weren’t in the car with me as a little cloud of grumpiness must have been visible around my head.

I craned forward to try and see what was holding us up and realised somene had broken down about 6 cars ahead. Then I saw two young men cheerfully leap out of their white van and rush to help. They were smiling and laughing and they pushed the car onto the verge allowing everyone else to drive past. In my rear mirror I could see that they stayed with the hapless driver, pulling their van onto the verge to carry on helping them.

How utterly lovely! I let my little cloud of grumpiness fly out of the window and resolved to be as helpful and as pleasant as I could be. I met my mentee for the first time and she was a great woman. I  think I got at least as much from the session as she did.

You get back what you give out. I hope those two men in the white van had a lovely day and I hope you do, too. Spread a little kindness around and it will surely come back to you.

We’re currently booking women onto our RenewYou course in London next month. I’ll be delivering it and I promise not to be grumpy. You can find out more about it here. It’s always a great atmosphere, women helping women. If you feel at a bot of a crossroads, career or personally, or would simply like to plan and take control of your next 12 months, come along. It’s positively life changing!


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