Do You Want To Be Lucky?


Are you a lucky person?

It’s all about perception, and changing your internal perceived ideas about how ‘lucky’ you are can actually make you feel better and more lucky in life. When we feel more lucky in life we are happier, brighter. more cheery folk that others like to be around, which in turn gives us more opportunities to be…well… lucky!

The Luck ‘Myth’

We often describe events as ‘our good luck’ when actually they are the result of hard work and preparation. Conversely, we sometimes deplore our bad luck when things don’t go our way. Either way we are absolving ourselves from any responsibility in the matter. Obviously, random events do occur over which we have no apparent control, but, we do have control over how we respond to them and that, research has found, is what makes the difference between people who consider themselves lucky or unlucky.

The Research

Dr Richard Wiseman spent several years researching with people who called themselves either lucky or unlucky. He and his team discovered some fascinating differences in how the two groups thought and behaved. People who described themselves as lucky were creating their own luck through their mental attitudes and behaviour. Having identified some basic principles about changing thoughts and behaviours the team then went on to teach these principles to the ones who considered themselves unlucky. Almost all the participants reported significant life changes including increased levels of luck, confidence and success.


That ties in very neatly with my favourite quote of all time, one which changed my life and which I end all my courses with:

We are not touched so much by life events themselves but by the view we choose to take of them.

Choose to be lucky, my darlings! It’s so much better than the alternative.

I am personally running my first open to all RenewYou course for 3 years in London in November. If you’d like to be lucky (we talk more about that on our day together, amongst other things) and give yourself a great boost to carry you through the next 12 months, please come along! More information is here. It’s friendly and informal but really makes an impact.

You can read more on Wiseman’s research here.


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