Are You Gender Bi Lingual? (‘Menglish’ – Part 1)

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What language do you speak at work? I’d hazard a guess that unless you are working in a very new organisation, your general form of communication is what my friend, the author and journalist Hilly Janes, calls Menglish.

Men and women talk differently. It’s a well researched fact; neither is necessarily better or worse, we’re just different. Because men’s style of talk predominates we women can be misled into thinking somehow we’re doing it wrong and try to ape their style. We’ll never feel really comfortable doing that and, in turn, that will eat away at our confidence. It is possible, however, to make some minor changes which will endure our voice is heard.

Companies who want to get and maintain a competitive edge know that playing to the strengths of all its employees is good for business. The business case for gender diversity/balance is well made (see here for more on that). Sometimes, however, the differences in language are overlooked.

You know I am not one for ‘fixing the women to be like the men.’ No way. I want women to feel they can be true to their own natures at work and be successful. That said, communication is key in all things and the more we understand, the better communicators we are and the more successfully we can get out views heard, especially at work.

It is important to understand why sometimes men just don’t seem to listen to us, or talk over us, or ignore our suggestions. All of those things happening at work erode our confidence.

For the next couple of weeks I am going to run a series on how to communicate more effectively at work, how to improve your skills in this area, and how you can grow your confidence and consequently your career. Confidence and communication, two essential attributes to advancing your brilliant career. To make sure you don’t miss any sign up to get the posts into your in box.

If you’d like to hear me talking more on this, you’ll find it in our audio course, Speak Up. More details are here.

Coming next:

Being Gender Bi-Lingual, why does it matter?

P.S. The picture is of the book cover of one of my sources for this series, a very interesting read.


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