An Easy Confidence Boosting Tip You Can Do Right Now

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Here’s a really quick tip to give you an instant burst of confidence.

If you have a camera on your phone, lap top etc try and record yourself working. Or switch on Skype/Facetime and look at yourself as you are. By ‘as you are’, I mean not turning your face to the most attractive camera angle and sucking in your stomach (that can’t just be me…?) but as you really look most of the time.

I’ve just done a coaching call via Skype. The image of me talking was in the bottom right hand corner and, much as I tried not to look, seeing it made me sit straighter and hold a more erect posture. And it made me feel better.

I know this, yet I still often forget and sit slumped a bit over my desk puzzling over some issue or problem. Research backs this up; our posture affects how we feel. How we feel affects we act and how we communicate verbally or otherwise with other people, how they receive what we say. If we come over well we tend to get more positive responses. As we get more positive responses our confidence levels increase and our body language becomes more positive. As we look more positive we get better responses and… So, in brief, sit up straight and feel more confident!

The original post on that is here if you’d like to read it.

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