2017 – A Revitalised Even More Successful You? Why Not!

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I have a genuine special offer for you in this post, as well as some useful tips on how to keep those new year resolutions.

Many of you know that I created a one day course for women called RenewYou. It’s aim is to give women a real boost to achieve just what it is they want to achieve in life and to have the confidence in themselves to really go for it. My next one is planned for London in March. Each time I advertise a course I get lots of emails from women saying they’d love to do it but the timing or location is just not right for them. So I have a cunning plan…

How to Be Even More Successful in 2017! (And you don’t have to come to London)

This offer is not ‘RenewYou-lite’ and even if you have undertaken a RenewYou course, or wish to in the future with me or any of our excellent licensed trainers, it will still be of immediate benefit to you. I am simply using the underlying principles and philosophy of RenewYou, to give you a massive kick start to 2017 and to help you keep those resolutions, achieve your goals, which will enhance your life and ensure 2017 is your year to remember.

Some research on resolutions: Richard Wiseman, an eminent UK psychologist, undertook some research into new year resolutions; his team tracked over 3,000 people attempting to do a whole range of things, such as losing weight, joining and going to the gym, stopping smoking or drinking less. He discovered that men and women are NOT the same in this area.

Men and Women are Different

Perhaps unsurprisingly to all of us who have not managed to keep our resolutions going past January 6th, they concluded that New Year’s Eve is not a great time for making resolutions, and that you have more chance of success if you plan ahead for the changes you want to make.

They also found some interesting gender differences in achieving success. For men, the secret of success lies in setting specific goals and focusing on the rewards you will get if you achieve them. For women, the best way to keep a resolution is to tell people about it. At the start of the project 52% of the participants were confident of success but Dr Wiseman found that only 12% actually kept to their new year resolutions…


Men were 22% more likely to succeed when they set goals for themselves, such as losing a pound a week rather than losing weight in general. In addition, men tended to succeed when they focused on rewards, such as losing weight to become more attractive to the opposite sex. “Men may be more likely to adopt a macho attitude and have unrealistic expectations, and so simple goal setting helps them achieve more,” said Dr. Wiseman.


Women were more successful at keeping their resolutions when they told family and friends about their plans. They also responded better to encouragement not to give up if they snuck back to old habits temporarily – such as treating a chocolate binge as simply one minor setback and not a total failure. Telling others increased women’s chance of keeping resolutions by 10%, although sometimes they were reluctant to do so, losing a valuable source of support. I get that; sometimes we just want to do something, set ourselves a goal and not tell all and sundry.

Special Offer to Readers

Whatever you want to achieve in 2017 I can help you do it: whether it’s to have more confidence in yourself and abilities, to pursue career opportunities, manage a tricky colleague or boss, or something more personal, together we can do it. I have a great New Year coaching offer for you which will give you a massive advantage in 2017. Together we’ll use some of the successful techniques underpinning my acclaimed RenewYou course (currently being run by a huge finance firm in South Africa as part of their ‘women into leadership’ programme) which has already helped thousands of women make successful change in their lives.

We’ll have three structured sessions by phone, Skype or FaceTime so we can do this wherever you are. In session one I’ll learn more about you and what you want to achieve in 2017. I will then send you a personally tailored exercise to help us be really effective in session 2. During session 2 we will focus on techniques that will work for you, and in session 3 we will embed the learning and focus on personalised options to stop the ‘self sabotaging’ that so often overtakes us and to accentuate all the helpful and positive aspects of you. Each session will last approximately 90 minutes, longer if necessary, up to 2 hours.

The usual cost for 3 sessions of this type of personal coaching with me is over £500. For this very special subscriber offer the cost is just £265. (N.B. Non UK residents do not pay VAT). The sessions will take place throughout January & February 2017 and evening times can be arranged if that works best for you. Give yourself a really lasting gift this festive season!

You can read more about me and coaching here. If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, please email me now and we can arrange a preliminary chat to see if this will work for you. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

To your wonderful success in 2017!

Our next post features an interview with Anne Boden who is starting up her own bank. Yes, you did read that correctly, her own bank! She’s doing it her way… To make sure you don’t miss any posts and also the offers, sign up to get the posts here. You can stop at any time and we never pass your details on to anyone else.


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