Are Women Really Risk Averse or…?

Tightrope woman

How do you feel about taking a risk?

In my RenewYou programme we have an exercise which helps women to think about their attitudes towards risk taking. It makes no judgements about what that attitude should be; it’s just raising awareness and helping women to think more about themselves and the kind of life they want to live.

Generally, however, women are deemed to be ‘risk averse’. It seems we like to play it safe.

Which begs the question ‘compared with what?’

With men, of course. Women are always benchmarked against men. Were it the other way round we might talk about men being too cavalier about risk taking, about not being responsible. There is plenty of research suggesting that the financial crash of recent years was due in large part to young men taking excessive risks and getting a huge buzz from it.

Just one example of why the world of work, of politics, in fact, the world, would be much better off if the talents and strengths of both genders were utilised to the full.

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Photo credit: Jared Alden – Hotspot Media

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