Women Are Too Emotional?

I am often told that women are too emotional, especially at work.

I’m not entirely sure what that means.

I suspect it means that most women express and show their emotions in a way that most men don’t, hence as men are always the yardstick for acceptable behaviour at work, it’s deemed too much.

What is really being said is women show different emotions than men.

Interestingly I’m told it by both genders, with women themselves seeing it as a weakness too.

It may be that men have been socialised to suppress emotion and it might be that work would be a much better place if emoting had a place too.  Of course, emotions are in evidence at work but some emotions are more welcome than others. Anger can be viewed as a sign of strength and machismo, in a man. It’s not always so welcome in a woman. Similarly a man who shows his softer side is deemed unmanly and might be scorned by colleagues. The man expressing emotion may be told to ‘stop behaving like a girl. ‘ And it’ll be meant as an insult, naturally.

We’re all party to this gender stereotyping by emotions.

I think we should view emotions as a sophisticated radar system which is giving us some valuable information.  Take time to consider what your emotions (or instincts) are telling you regardless of gender. You might be surprised.

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