Why Leave the Men Out?

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I am a feminist and I love men. Not indiscriminately you understand, but I am by no means a man hater and I don’t blame all men for the way things are (although I do get cross when they thoughtlessly perpetuate it); I’ve coached and worked with lots of men as well as women.  I’ve even tried RenewYou as a mixed course, but it lost a lot of its effectiveness because the women were quieter with men present and shared less freely.

So it’s no surprise that I’ve lost count of the number of times someone has said to me:

You know, you could make more money if your RenewYou course was also suitable for men.”

I know.

I also know that in organisations which probably need my type of training most, the decision makers are usually men, especially in the finance bit, and for all sorts of reason don’t want, or understand, women only courses. (Corporate RenewYou)

I also know that I’ve never yet seen a survey which says men don’t rise to the top etc because they lack confidence, but I’ve seen plenty saying that about women.

I also don’t see men struggling with the demands of a male oriented business world made just for women into which they have to adapt.

I don’t see the laws of our country being made by 80% women within an outdated system which does not embrace men.

When all that changes, my reply might be different. When all the population has genuine equality (and I’m talking about all women here, especially those in low paid, undervalued caring roles), I might change my mind.

Meanwhile my passion and raison d’etre is helping women achieve their potential and to boost their confidence to do what they want, to contribute towards making a more genuinely equal society where what women bring is valued, and not scoffed at because it’s not exactly like the men.

We do need more men to take that on board too, so maybe I need a course which explains why they should…

RenewYou is an internationally renowned course and available across the UK, in Australia, USA, South Africa, and beyond. To see the dates for all current RenewYou Women’s Courses please click this link.


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