When You Truly Follow Your Dreams Something Wonderful Happens

This is a post about what happens when you follow your dreams. It‘s an inspiring and lovely story. However, to be completely transparent, I should share that it does feature my son and daughter in law. Also known as New Old Friends.   Even if they weren’t related to me I’d be inspired by their romantic tale and I’m pretty sure you will be, too.

Never lose sight of your dreams.

In brief, here is their story. Sit down, grab a cuppa and be inspired. Reignite your dreams!

Heather and Feargus were born in Bath but cruelly separated at birth. Or to be more precise, (or truthful) Feargus, my son is a few years older, and Heather’s family moved away to Devon when she was small. Their paths didn’t actually cross at that point. Feargus always wanted to be an actor and got his acting degree at Bretton Hall, part of Leeds University. An offer from Bath’s Theatre Royal saw him come home (basically he couldn’t afford to live anywhere else…) to take up an ASM job on His Dark Materials. Realising good parts would be hard to come by (it seems being 6ft 4inches tall is not necessarily a great asset for a young actor), he and a friend formed their own theatre company and wrote their own shows.

If you can’t find the parts you want in life, write them for yourself.

The beautiful Heather, meanwhile, had got a place at Bath Spa University, and the stage was set for our two protagonists to meet! (Hope this is suitably dramatic).

Fast forward a year or two and in May 2012 they married. In Bath, where you could say it had all begun. A perfect day and yes, I cried. Lots.

New Old Friends became essentially Heather and Feargus and they continued acting and writing their own stuff, and being very funny.  See next two pictures for evidence:


Feargus man at CA

And Heather…

Heather as paparazzi

Heather has always loved the writing of Anthony Horrowitz, a famous children’s author, amongst other things. He had written a book called the Falcon’s Malteser which Heather thought would make a brilliant play for children. So she wrote to him.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Don’t think in ‘what if’s? Do it!

Anthony Horrowitz gets many such requests and his agent normally sends out the ‘no thank you’ letters. But for some reason he was intrigued by our lovely Heather’s letter and met with her and Feargus. He liked what they had to say, gave his blessing and so New Old Friends and The Falcon’s Malteser play was born!


Last year it toured nationally to great acclaim. Feargus and Heather poured their heart and soul into it and most of their money. I even knitted a prop! They have two fabulous actors with them, Nick and Dan, completing a very funny ensemble.

Get good people around you.

Propelled by the success of this tour a second is planned for later this year – but F&H wanted something else. For years they had wanted to put on a show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The competition to get into Edinburgh is intense and the majority of performers lose money. They knew if they were to have a chance of success they needed to be in a good venue and they knew which one they wanted. The Pleasance Theatre.

And by hard work and determination they got it and will be appearing at the Pleasance Theatre almost every day of the festival during August at 2pm. All details are here.

Know what you want, want the best, and go for it.

Here’s a video clip to whet your appetite:


Now you could read this as a piece of shameless promotion by a mother, but I prefer to think of it as an inspiring story of what can happen when you truly follow your dream.  I hope you can go, and I know you will enjoy it!

PS Edinburgh is a very special place to me because so may people I love are there, or hail from there. My dad is buried there. His gravestone has a pint of beer on it in a straight glass, full pint, obviously.  It seems just perfect that H&F are there.

UPDATE! The show is proving to be an enormous success at the Fringe with sell out shows (not bad as theatre holds over 250!), and great reviews. Everyone seems to love it. I am bursting with pride, and yes, I cried…


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