When Did You Last Take a Paws?

Snoopy Peanuts 2

I  just love this cartoon! In fact, almost all of the Snoopy/Peanuts cartoons. They have a timeless quality and always make me smile.

I’ve been head down engaged in gender equality issues quite a lot over the last few months, waxing lyrical about the Women’s Equality Party, and generally being quite serious for me. This past week end I had my 60th birthday and was reminded that there is a lot more to life, too. I spent quite a lot of it in tears of joy, to be honest. I have such wonderful friends and family and am so lucky. It was a good reminder of how important it is to make sure we keep balanced, as much as we can.

We (OK, I) need to remind ourselves now and again to pause and enjoy what we have, as well as thinking about what we’re striving and working for…

I think this cartoon above sums it up perfectly.

PS In case you’ve  never encountered Snoopy before he belongs to Charles M Schultz and first appeared in public in 1940. The cartoon below is from 1968. Bit cattist. I’m going to give him some diversity training…

snoopy strip 2

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