Was One of Your Female Relatives Locked Up?

Suffragette chained to gate via Women's Library

As the first ever major film about the Suffragettes goes mainstream (see my take on it here – Suffragette, made by women, about women, for everyone) it’s timely that a list containing details of more than 1,300 arrests of Suffragettes is now available to view on line.

Women who fought for the vote were subject to much abuse and oppression, as you’ll see in the film if you go. Women’s voices had to be silenced by the ruling elite.

Also included are the names of more than 100 male supporters of the suffrage movement, such as Hugh Arthur Franklin. Franklin was arrested five times between 1910 and 1913 for crimes including an attempted attack on then home secretary Winston Churchill, and setting fire to an empty railway carriage.

The information was held in the National Archive at Kew, England and has been published by Ancestry to coincide with the release of  Suffragette.

Suffragette in archive at Kew emmeline pankhurst

It’s one reason why I always use my vote. We honour those brave women every time we make use of our right to vote. It’s also one of the reasons I am a life member of the Women’s Equality Party. As Professor Mary Beard said:

We have [still] not learned to hear authority in women’s voices.

Speak Up is my on line course for professional women who want to make their voices heard (NB You do not have to chain yourself to railings, unless you really want to!) Click here to see more details.


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