The ‘WouldItBeSaidToAMan?’ Test (WIBSTAM)

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One of my ‘tests’ when I’m thinking something is sexist or just plain rude, is “Would anyone ever say this to a man?” Do you do that too?

Well, there is a great parody account on Twitter which does just that and most days it makes me laugh out loud at the absurdity. It also makes you realise just how patronised we are by magazines and the media. Do check out @Manwhohasitall. It’s brilliant!

Here’s some examples:

Being ignored, mistaken for the tea gentleman or branded a ‘paternity risk’. Are men overreacting when it comes to issues they face at work?
TODAY’S FACT: Being a father needn’t be a disadvantage to your career.
“Anyone I work with knows that I am a dad. I don’t try to hide it and pretend to be focused only on my work”. Dean, age 39. Inspirational.
All men! NEVER doubt your ability to lead. Men can ACTUALLY be great leaders IF they can harness their inner passion.

Speak Up, for women.


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