Spotlight on RenewYou Trainers – Philippa Coultish

Philippa Coultish

Welcome to the first in an occasional series.

Regular blog readers will know that I have a personal development  course for women which I licence to experienced trainers around the world, called RenewYou. It suddenly struck me that I have this amazing resource of RenewYou specialists with a story to tell. So I asked them to tell me more about themselves.

The first to be featured is Philippa Coultish who attended one of my events in York. Which is particularly fitting in a way as I am back in York next month, probably the last time I will actually deliver face to face training, (although we are still licensing trainers). I hope you enjoy Philippa’s story as much as I did.

Jane: What do you do (apart from RenewYou) and where do you do it?
Philippa: I am based in ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ country around Holmfirth, Yorkshire. I love my life and my work helping leaders of local businesses be all they want to be and develop their organisations. Many of my clients are women in senior roles and I decided to bring them together and formed a ‘Women in Leadership’ group about three years ago. It is a dynamic group of very capable women who enjoy learning together through professional development workshops and also supporting each other and discussing challenges. RenewYou sits nicely alongside my other work as I have managed to get a mix of professional women and local women not involved in business to share the experience of personal development.

How did get involved in coaching & personal development issues?
I started my career way back in the mid 70’s in a bank, in the days before computers! I had some fantastic training in teamwork, processes, customer service and respect which has served me well.

Since then I have worked for a family auctioneering business, estate agents and had a couple of small businesses offering business to consumer services.

After a few years out of the business world when my children were small I grabbed the opportunity around the age of 40 to study for a HNC in Business and got the ‘bug’ for personal development.

A couple of years later someone mentioned ‘life coaching’ and I remember Googling it! I took a distance learning qualification working evenings and weekends as the children were still young. I was hooked. As a naturally good listener and encourager it fitted my personality well.

For 10 years I worked as a business adviser building a good network of local contacts. On being made redundant nearly four years ago I reached a major crossroads in life – find another similar role which would have no doubt meant much more travelling, pressure and long hours or create my own role continuing to work with the businesses I already knew and who were keen to continue the relationship somehow. I must admit I had to drag myself ‘kicking and screaming’ into self-employment. I liked a salary and security and working in a team. There were a couple of people who really inspired me and acted as my mentors at this time and I so appreciated their support. It was a very scary time but now I wouldn’t do anything else.

Do you have a favourite quote or saying?
My strapline is ‘A Different Perspective’ and I use the Wayne Dyer quote in my branding:

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.

Sometimes we just need someone else to help us to see things a little differently.

How did you get involved with RenewYou?
In my business adviser role we did a lot of delivery of workshops and I also trained as a trainer so whenever I see an opportunity to develop a workshop topic I enjoy pulling it all together and delivering it. When I saw RenewYou I was intrigued and so attended the training day for trainers in York 2 years ago. Primarily I saw it as a day of personal development for me and I was interested to see the content.

When I saw how nicely packaged it was and that it was complementary to what I already run, it seemed a good opportunity to add ‘another string to my bow’.

I have run two courses to date with another planned for early next year. The feedback has all being extremely positive. I really enjoy leading the sessions and everyone has left buzzing with enthusiasm and confidence.

I plan to run my next one in January which seems a very good time to take stock and give yourself a boost. The local village magazine was a good source of advertising last time. Two of my participants have come from our local church and one  travelled from Lancashire and couldn’t remember where she had seen it! The other participants have found out about it via my own network.

It’s such a rewarding day, for me as well as them, as you can see from a selection of the testimonials:

1. Thanks Philippa. Lovely to meet you and the other ladies! I got a lot from the workshop and realise ‘active’ thought needs to go into future plans to make things happen. Angela

2. …I have bought a house, which I am in the middle of a 6 week renovation of… I am going to say that it is actually due to the success of the Renew Day! It was one of my goals to buy a cottage in Holmfirth! (In fact, all of the goals I have achieved!! And so I will definitely be on the January 2016 Renew Day, what a wonderful way to set yourself up for a fabulous year.) Rosalyn

3. I have just attended Philippa’s first Renew You course in Huddersfield. I was a little apprehensive at first having never attended any thing like that before but I need not have worried! Within the first 20 minutes after Philippa’s introduction I was feeling relaxed and comfortable with all the other lovely ladies It was a great mix  and Philippa kept the course pacey and informative. I never felt under pressure to take part in any of the discussions or exercises and was totally at ease with everything that came my way! I left the course with a new found confidence and have already put into practise some of the things I have learned. I would thoroughly recommend anyone at a crossroads in their life to give this course a go, it will make a difference, I promise! A renewed and much more confident Susan.

As mentioned, Philippa has a course running in January next year. You can find further details by clicking here.

And if that’s not near enough, check out the interactive map of worldwide trainers to find a course near you. New ones are being added all the time.


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