Polly, Put the Kettle On? No Way!

I’ve been sorting out my collection of birthday cards from October and reluctantly consigning them to the recycling. I hate throwing them away, don’t you? But really, what can you do with them, apart from recycle?

I had some gems and here is one I particularly wanted to share with you:

Polly card


That one really *tickled me. I take comfort from the fact that it’s not that many birthdays ago when no one would have understood that joke. We have moved a little, albeit slowly!

This is my last post before the festivities. I wish you the compliments of the season, whatever your faith or creed. Holidays for women historically have been exhausting workathons. Try and slough off the decades of conditioning and socialisation to be the perfect wife/girlfriend/host/cook/MarthaStewart and just be you. You is great!

Happy Holidays!

*It also reminded me of a post I wrote some time ago Women, don’t make this common mistake.


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