One Thing You Simply Must Stop Doing & It’s This!

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Seriously, you must stop putting yourself down. Resolve to stop right this minute.

I’ve had three emails over the last week or so enquiring about coaching. Which is great because I love coaching women to be more successful.

What wasn’t so great is, that in each of the emails to me, the women were being really hard on themselves when telling me why they’d like to work with me.

It was quite incredible the scorn they heaped upon their own heads. I am certain none of those women would have spoken so disparagingly about a friend; in fact I suspect they’d do the opposite.

So why do we do it to ourselves?

It is really very damaging to continually let that little voice in your head tell you you’re too frumpy, too old, too slow, too stupid to get promoted, or too afraid to make a change. The list is endless.

The really, really awful thing is that the little voice in your head is going straight to your brain and you are actually believing it. Doing oneself down is habit forming and habits stick. In fact, you are creating a lovely little neural pathway so that next time it becomes easier to slip into hyper self-critical mode. It is sapping your confidence and you will eventually begin to believe it and live it.

So, stop right now.

Write down what those little ugly ear worms are saying to you and turn this to you own advantage. Take each one and turn it into something you’d say to a friend. Like yourself more. Tell yourself how good you are at something.

And Shine!

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