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Cameron with some women May 2015

Whatever your political views, it is heartening to see a few more women in the UK parliament the recent election. David Cameron (Prime Minister) has been widely criticised for being out of touch with women with his ‘male, pale and stale’ previous cabinet so it’s good to see he has changed his mind and promoted a few more women into cabinet posts.

The proportion of female Conservative and Labour MPs has increased, despite an overall fall in the number of Labour MPs, 29% of all MPs are women – up from 23% before the election. This represents the largest increase since 1997.

But the biggest rise in female representation in the Commons came from the Scottish National Party, which now has 20 female MPs, a huge increase on the previous tally of just one.

That is encouraging. Women are so often untapped resource; we now need businesses to follow suit. Not with 29% but to aim for 50%, in other words, genuine gender equality at work. Then you’ll see some changes!

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