Meet The Ruby Darlings! W.E.P. Darlings too!

Ruby Darlings

Last month I attended the launch party for the Women’s Equality Party. As you can imagine it was a great event. There was a really good band on stage, too. The lyrics to their songs were amazing and laugh out loud funny.  After their set I got talking with Darling, one half of the dynamic female duo fronting the band.

Jane: Darling, how did you get into singing and performing?
Darling: I came from an ‘industry’ family so an odd/arty/unstable job was what I thought a job was! I went to singing, dancing and acting classes from a young age and performed at school concerts as much as possible (I was at school with the brilliant David( the male member of the band) -although I was so much older and cooler than him we didn’t socialise that much). My sister was The Actress so I decided I would be The Dancer and off I went to dance college where I fortunately met the amazing Ruby.

We worked separately in the industry for a few years which was a lot of fun, but nothing compares to performing your own work, its such a satisfying, complete experience. I wish somebody had told me sooner…

You’re songs have an obvious feminist slant. When did you first become aware of some of the issues around equality? And how did the Women’s Equality Party gig come to be?
When we started writing our own songs these feminist ideas just came out. We didn’t set out to write a ‘feminist’ show but wrote about things that bothered us; inequalities and double standards we were experiencing. When we started to perform them it became clear that our experiences weren’t isolated; many other women had had the same feelings of frustration and could connect to many of the stories we were telling. This gave us the motivation and confidence to continue and proudly call ourselves FEMINISTS!

I started to read more about it, books like Unspeakable Things-Laurie Penny, How to be a Woman-Caitlin Moran, Everyday Sexism-Laura Bates and Not That Kind of Girl-Lena Dunham changed my perspective. I joined the Women’s Equality party after I attended WOW (where it was born by Sandi Toksvig and Catherine Mayer) as soon as I heard about it. It was one of the easiest decisions I’ve made. ‘Oh dear, we really need this kind of party, that’s embarrassing…I had better join.’ And then, whilst volunteering in the office with a group of wonderful women, I heard about the launch party and obviously offered up my services immediately as The Ruby Darlings would be perfect for such an event.

What ambitions do you have the band? What is next for the Ruby Darlings?
We are trying to raise money to shoot a music video for one of our songs, called ‘Worship Me’ which is a response to rappers constantly banging on about women giving them ‘head’, ‘getting on their knees’ etc. We have tried to flip this idea around, which is a great tool in exposing the ridiculousness of these lyrics and presenting the idea that sex is not all about male pleasure and dominance, ladies love oral pleasure too!

Basically we want to keep doing what we are doing, we love using comedy to highlight important, relevant issues and inspiration for our material is constant. Comedy is such a powerful political force these days, but above all I love to laugh, who doesn’t?

This year we will be performing at Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe AND…we are doing a Christmas Gig!! Fri 11th December 8pm @ The Great Northern Railway Tavern-67 High St, London N8 7QB £10 on the door

If anyone would like to hear your music and find out more about you, where should they go?
All the usual places… twitter: @therubydarlings website: fb: the ruby darlings Instagram: therubydarlings

As you can see we are gradually making our way into all the little social media nooks and crannies! In terms of hearing our music, you can come to a gig! And/or we are in the process of recording an album!

Thank you, Darling! I look forward to hearing more about the band’s success in 2016!

And just in case you can’t get along to hear them live I’ve persuaded them to share some lyrics with me. (Obviously all the usual copyright rule apply). This is an extract from a song called Mooncup which amused me greatly. You really have to hear them sing it. It’s hysterical. I found myself humming the chorus on the way home!

I live in your vagina, where it’s nice and warm
You won’t find anything finer
Than me to collect your spawn
I’m very eco friendly
And fun for all the family
I’m your happy little mooncup friend

Mooncup mooncup
slot me in between your legs
mooncup mooncup
Here to catch your disregarded lady dregs

RenewYou for women everywhere.


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