International Women’s Day – What Can I Do?

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Happy International Women’s day!

Now what?

It’s difficult really to know just how to mark IWD in a personal capacity. There are so many wonderful initiatives happening but it’s not always easy to make a choice, especially if you’re not close to city centre.

So here’s a suggestion for your own private International Women’s day resolution:

Resolve not to automatically judge women for their choices.

We’re all trying to make our way in a world steeped in sexism. For some that becomes literally a matter of life and death, for others an issue about sexist comments, or fighting for equal pay. It’s all important. Resolve to hold back on judgements about appearance, about lifestyle choices, about how other women choose to spend their leisure time. Instead, resolve to give a helping hand to other women whenever you can. Make that your lasting contribution to International Women’s Day. I’m certainly going to try.

P.S. My wonderful licensed RenewYou trainers  combined their efforts to put as many women only courses on this week, with a donation to the excellent WomanKind for every person who booked a place. Huge thanks to them.

Do read Do You Listen to Women? prompted by the excellent Mary Beard.


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