How to Get Unstuck with a Pen!

Writing blue ballpoint

“Writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted

That quote from Jules Renard heads up on of the chapters in my audio Speak Up course. It works on many levels.

In the Speak Up course I use it as an introduction to the chapter on helping women overcome the interruptions of men at work.

In coaching I sometimes use it to help women work out what they are looking for from life.

Try this writing exercise

Pick up a pen and write for a timed 10 minutes. Write anything. Keep writing for the full ten minutes, don’t stop. Pure stream of consciousness, don’t censor or judge yourself.

Read it through, without using your judging filter.

Put the pen down and take a short break.

Then pick up your pen and write for a further 5 minutes in response to what you wrote before. Yes, it is talking to yourself but don’t worry about it. You are a great person to talk to! ;>)

Make a note of any thoughts you’ve had. This can be a good exercise to try when ‘stuckness’ strikes. Any sort of ‘stuckness’, work or home.  Try it and let me know how you get on. Happy writing!


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