Gender Gap in Voting. Why do you think that is…?

pankhurst being arrested

A rather disturbing report was recently released on voting habits by gender in the UK. Over a million more women failed to vote than men in the last election.

Speaking as someone who has voted in every single election I’ve been entitled to, I find this a shocking statistic; I’m genetically wired to having my say. The picture above is Mrs Pankhurt being arrested after asserting women’s right to vote; she must be turning in her grave.

But…8 million men failed to vote too.

Maybe, just maybe, our macho, stags locking horns, adversarial, name calling, lack of proper debate style of politics in the UK could do with a bit of feminising? Not just all women short lists and the like, but a real overhaul of behaviours. The current system means only people with those combative characteristics can really succeed.

And that’s not how I want to be governed. Do you?

You can find out more about that study by clicking here.

Read my interview with Green MP Caroline Lucas here.

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