Finance is Not for Women?

Laura in sailor suit

Not only are women left off banknotes, airbrushed from history, and ‘pinkised’ from a very young age, it seems the media in general think we shouldn’t bother our pretty little heads with matters of importance, like finance and the economy, stupid.

The excellent Fawcett Society has published some research showing that 80% of *articles covering the economy during the last UK election were biased towards, or aimed at men.

Fascinating when you think that even the most macho economics pundit acknowledges that a lot of the current economic reforms have hit women the hardest. And just how many talented female economists are getting left out? We know gender balance and diversity means a better return for businesses (as well as being morally right, of course,) so how can the economics/finance media get it so wrong?

Worse, young women and girls looking through the media coverage are being given a very strong message that finance is not for them. Where are our role models? There are women out there but they require finding. Until the media in general stops relying on its tried and trusted cabal of male commentators this will keep on happening. Get with the programme, guys. Gender diversity works for everyone!

RenewYou, for women.

PS. The photo above is of my daughter, now fully grown and with a great aptitude for finance.

*They surveyed six national newspapers.


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