Does My Brain Look Big in This?


Do you hide your intelligence? Just a teeny weeny bit perhaps?

If someone tells you how bright you are do you mumble embarrassedly: “Oh no, I was just lucky I knew that…” or similar?

You’re not alone. We women do it all the time (in general). Men do not (in general). In fact, men tend to oversell their intelligence. Women do the opposite.

You know that if you tell yourself something often enough it will become a self fulfilling prophecy. You begin to believe it.

Which might be one reason why we women are often identified as having lower levels of confidence at work than men (One reason of many.)

Resolve right this minute to give yourself a great confidence boost. Stop that internal spam that says you are not bright. Replace it with the opposite. Repeat after me: I am a clever woman. Yes, you are!

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PS When I googled ‘IQ’ I kept getting pictures of men. Sheez!


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