Do We Really Need More Women in Research?

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My answer to that is, of course, an emphatic yes.


a) Because women make up 51% of the population so we should see a corresponding proportion in most areas of work


b) Because it’s good for everyone. Which shouldn’t be surprising; if you keep groups full of the same type of people they will come up with the same type of ideas. Here’s yet another research project which supports the argument that more women in the workplace is good for everyone.

A study carried out by the University of Castilla la Mancha shows that gender diversity within research teams fosters novel solutions leading to radical innovation, in the company and in the market. According to the study, forming mixed teams of men and women in a technological context is also a critical element in increasing competitiveness.

Cristina Díaz García points out that the study has several implications: “In the business environment, the results point to the need to recognise and value gender diversity, which could, in turn, make an organisation more able to attract and retain key staff.”

In her opinion, “gender diversity not only has implications in the fields of equity and equality but also make teamwork more effective.”

The study recommends that if innovation is to be radical, managers should consider the potential offered by forming teams with more balance between men and women in technology sectors, since “innovation is a critical element within a context of increasing global competition,” concludes Díaz.

We need a fundamental change of systems and traditional behaviour so that not only women’s lives, but all our lives improves.

The Amazing Dr Black in her own words.

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