Be Your Own Woman


Who you are, which side of yourself you present, may be different in different situations. The ‘work you’ may be entirely different to the /home you’.

It’s natural, we all present a face to the world and make choices every day about how we do that. Women, more than men, have some of those choices proscribed, and if we’re not careful we find ourselves dancing to someone else’s tune.

I was reminded of this by the recent furore and massive media attention, given to a tennis player’s partner use of swear words while watching her partner play an important match. She’s young, attractive and the media have assigned her a role. By (allegedly) swearing she stepped outside the bounds of that role (ardent, supportive, demure girlfriend), and so it made front page news. The BBC even chose to headline it in news bulletins. Hard to imagine a tennis player’s boyfriend getting so much attention for something similar, but then men are allowed so much more to ‘be’.

Whoever you are, don’t let someone else decide. You’re in charge of you. ‘Be’ you.

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2 Responses to “Be Your Own Woman”

  1. I enjoyed your post, Jane and can really relate to the message you shared. I am writing a post about heart-centered, female entrepreneurs and a challenge often faced: how to deal with “prospects” that repeatedly reach out for our advice but say they can’t afford to hire us. As women, we have been conditioned to be nurturing and nice which often makes setting time boundaries and saying “no” harder than it should be. Sometimes we have to step outside our proscribed roles if staying true to those roles means we are doing a disservice to ourselves. Thanks again for the inspiring post.

  2. Jane says:

    That is so true, something I cogitate on regularly. When you love to help, you love to help, but if we burn ourselves out in the process we can help no one. Look after yourself, darling. Looking forward to hearing how your third RenewYou course goes in US. You are my American star!

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