Bare Reality – Real Life Women & Their Bosoms

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Amazingly, some people will be shocked to see the above picture, yet not bat an eyelid when glamorous young women are featured daily with airbrushed, impossibly perky bosoms (see previous blog post). It’s a funny old world, isn’t it?

Laura Dodsworth has a wonderful project underway with a book launching in May. She’s interviewed 100 women about their breasts and their lives, and each agreed to having a photo taken, not photo-shopped, uplifted, shaded or plasticised in any way. Simply as nature intended.

Well done to them, and well done to Laura. You can find out more about her project on her website, and I’ll be interviewing Laura nearer to the launch date.  I was very happy to contribute to the kick-starter fund to get this project off the ground and can’t wait to see the finished article in May. You can pre-order the book via her website.

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Photo is copyright BareReality


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  1. What a beautiful photo!! These are ‘real’ women just like us! Will look out for that interview and the book – thanks for sharing this with us. Must get a copy of this to have to show women on my RenewYou courses.

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