Are You a Trainer, Learning and Development Professional, or a Coach?

Are you a trainer or a coach?

Some years ago I wrote a course especially for women and called it RenewYou. I wrote it for women who might be put off by the idea of personal development in the normal way of things, or who had not had time to focus on themselves for a long time. I wrote it to work for any woman, at any stage of her life or career. The comments and responses from the first women to undertake RenewYou helped me shape and refine it until I had something which I, and more importantly, they were very happy with.

The aim of the course was simple: every survey about women and achievement always says women lack confidence. I wanted to address that, to make women feel good about themselves, to feel much more confident, and give them motivation and tools to make change if changes were needed. I wanted them to walk out with a smile on their faces and feeling several inches taller than when they walked in. I wanted to do it in a way that wasn’t prescriptive, no telling them what they ‘ought’ to be, simply allowing them to see the possibilities and their uniqueness.

The evaluations tell me I succeeded in that. Over the years I have wept tears of joy (and sometimes sorrow) with the hundreds of women who have taken part in RenewYou. It’s been one of the most rewarding things I have done to date.

Many trainers and coaches used to ask me if they could also deliver my course but I always said no; it wasn’t part of my business plan. That changed a couple of years ago. In March 2013 I trained my first 7 women to deliver RenewYou as part of their own business portfolio. We had a great day together and I will never forget that first wonderful group of women and the support and encouragement they gave me.

Over the last two years I have refined and improved the support on offer to licensees to include a private part of the website, national promotion of RenewYou in magazines and the press, and the opportunity for trainers to put their details and advertise their open courses on my website. We now have over 65 women across the globe delivering RenewYou. Some are very active, some are not. It’s up to them how much they do, what they charge, etcetera.

I can licence women via Skype or you can come on one of my licensing days; there is no extra charge for doing it in person. We’re in Manchester on 1st June and York in November. You can see all the details, including prices, by clicking this link which will take you to the trainers’ information page. If you think it may benefit your organisation take a look at RenewYou Means Business, too.

Women helping women. It’s fabulous.


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