Are You Too Old To…?

Mary Beard courtesy of BBC

Have you ever said that to yourself? It’s one of my most frequently asked questions: Am I too old to change? Or more likely it will be phrased as “I’m too old to do that now.”

No, you are not too old.

Unless it something physically impossible, like having six children after the age of 60 (and recently a 60 year old woman had triplets apparently, so never say never) my answer is a categoric no, you are not too old. I speak as someone who left her ‘safe’ job in her late forties to set up her own business: I have never looked back.

For us women the question is even more pressing as we live in a society which places great value of youth and beauty and where older women are usually deemed to have neither. (Check out this post on Should Airbrushed Pictures Be Allowed?)

Well, you are part of that society too, in fact, quite a large sector of that society. What you think matters too. It matters a lot. What you think about yourself and how you view your age is crucial. If you don’t think it matters it doesn’t. Conversely, if you do, it does, and you’ll be sending out that message.

OK, I know, it’s not easy to ignore decades of conditioning but you can do it. Challenge that irritating spam message that says ‘You’re too old for this’. Banish the words from your vocabulary. Value your wisdom and maturity and glory in it!

Whatever it is you want to do, start now.

Everyone needs a plan, so start making yours now and remember – age has little to do it. You simply have more knowledge, experience and wisdom inside of you waiting to be used. Write down 3 things you’d like to achieve in the next 12 months and get cracking on making it happen!

The photo above is of the wonderful Professor Mary Beard. You can read my interview with her and find out what she thinks about growing older, by clicking here.

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