Advice, Take it or Leave it?

Dad in boy scouts 2

Being given advice can be irksome, especially if you haven’t asked for it in the first place.

However, it can pay to listen to advice even if you choose to ignore it. Nod politely and say ‘thanks’ and then file it away. File it in the bin if you think it’s rubbish advice, or in the ‘for future use’ pile if you think it’s useful.

I’ve had some great advice in my life, most recently from my board of non executive directors who have been incredibly helpful, and challenging. Which is just what I wanted.

Arguably the best advice I have ever received was from my Dad. I had arrived back from University after one and half terms, knowing I’d done the wrong thing and wanting to leave, but also knowing (in those heady days of student grants) that I’d probably forfeit another grant). My Dad said:

“You’ve made a mistake. Everyone has to make mistakes. The trick is not to keep make the same one twice.”

Which means I’ve never been afraid of making a mistake and is why I am now happily running my own business!

Think back over advice you’ve been given. What’s proved useful to you?

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P.S. Pictured is my Dad, Edward Woods, circa 1930, in the Scouts, although a least likely candidate for Boy Scouts is hard to imagine.


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