A Quick Way to Release Some Stress.

A quick way to relieve stress

Here’s a quick tip to try at the end of each working day for one week and see how much better you feel!

Sometimes stress and tension gradually builds up in us and we don’t realise that we are carrying more than our work bag home with us.

Try this before you leave for home:

As you clear your desk and pack up your belongings take one minute to notice how your body is feeling. There’s probably a bit of accumulated stress in those shoulders so wiggle them around a bit and mentally tell them to relax. Now, on your next breath, breathe out as much air as you can, in a long stream from your mouth. As you do this, visualise all the cares leaving your body and resting on your desk. Don’t worry, you won’t forget anything as it’ll all be there tomorrow.  That deep breathe out will mean you automatically take a little more air into your lungs than usual (but don’t do anything which makes you light headed or dizzy) so you will naturally deepen your breathing.

Now go home, and put your focus on the other important part of your life.

Take care of yourself.

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