5 Warning Signs That You’re in the Wrong Job

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I hope you love your work, I really do; I hope that you have work that is fulfilling and fun and stretches you. We spend so much of our lives at work that we really need to love it; otherwise it’s just energy sapping and leaches away your joie de vivre.

Sometimes, though, we can get into ‘cruise’ mode. Suddenly we’ve been there 5 years, or worse! Without ever really checking with ourselves if this is what we really want from life. Stay too long in a job that saps you and it becomes harder and harder to find the motivation to get something better.

How do you score with these 5 questions?

  1. Sundays from about midday onwards you start to feel a bit grumpy, and out of sorts.

  2. You never feel that you’ve done a really good job at work, and no one tells you that either.

  3. You often find yourself day dreaming about your perfect job while you are at work.

  4. You never do any more at work than you have to; no reading around your subject or volunteering for something interesting. You do what you’re paid for (mostly) and get out on the dot.

  5. You count down the days until Friday comes and have all your leave planned out as soon as possible. Oh, and you always use up every scrap of leave due to you and wish you had more.

If you tick even a couple of those boxes I want to give you a hug. I’ve been there too. You are getting a clear and compelling message to make a change. Change can feel tricky, but you can do it! Start working on your plan right now!

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