48 Things Women Hear in a Liftetime (& Men Don’t)

There are some phrases that are said to women (by either gender) that just drive you crazy, aren’t there?

My number one annoying phrase, as it happens, is also number one in this 2 minute video from The Huffington Post. I think that phrase repeated untold times to young girls has a huge effect in socialising women to keep quiet if they want to be thought ‘feminine’ Time to redefine feminine, obviously!

Take a look and see if your favourite appears.

If this link doesn’t open for you, you can go directly to YouTube by clicking this one.

Speak Up is now available in audio form for individual women who want to be seen and heard at work. Speak Up, darlings, the world needs us!

More information here.


Posted on December 14th, 2015 by

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