Women, Time to Drag on Your Swimsuit and DIVE IN!

woman diving in via take a risk

What constitutes the next step up for you? If you’re a woman reading this, you’re statically likely to be only thinking about the grade above you. That’s what we women do, apparently. Furthermore, we wait at least a couple of years and feel we must know our current role inside out before we apply for another one.

This is not advantageous to us in the world of work. Men don’t do it. They’ll take a risk on a job (generally) several grades above their current position and not get overly worried about whether they know their current job inside out.

It’s a matter of confidence when it comes down to it. Knowing tasks inside out is not always a great asset for your next role. Having transferable skills, the ability to learn, to adapt and change, that is. Couple that with an attractive dose of self belief (not arrogance but a healthy knowledge of one’s strengths and potential) and you’re a formidable candidate.

Take five minutes now to down tools. Think about your current set up. Leap frog in your mind to two promotions above where you are now. What qualities do you need to let people know you have in order to be on the radar? I bet you have far more than you imagine.

Remember, no one walks into a role fully formed; it takes at least 6 months in my view.

Take a risk, dive in!

RenewYou is my one day confidence building course, especially designed for women, to help you learn to ‘dive’ safely and with grace.  Our next licensing event for trainers /coaches and Learning & Development specialists is in June. Click here for details.



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