You Need a Marketing Plan

Marketing plan

Do not panic; I have not suddenly strayed off piste into the world of marketing and advertising, although in truth it is a significant part of what I do, helping women realise just what they have to offer the world.

Whenever I am coaching, or delivering a course, at some point you’ll probably hear me say:

“It’s no good being good if no one knows that you are good”

You may be Ms Wonderful at your job but if you are keeping your light hidden you will carry on being Ms Anonymous Wonderful.

Which is fine if that’s what you want.

However, if you want to open yourself up to new opportunities, new places and new people you have to put yourself out there. Hence the plan. Project ‘you‘.

Quite how you do it will depend on you and your circumstances. You may choose to make use of social media, or go to a coach, or revamp your LinkedIn profile and ‘talk’ to your contacts. You may join/start a networking group for your area of expertise (online or in actuality), you may get a mentor at work, shadow someone, write an article for your specialist magazine, apply for a job two grades above your current one, move to a larger company, move to a smaller company… The possibilities are endless.

However you do it, you first have to have confidence in yourself and your abilities. Recognise that traditionally women have been reluctant to blow their own trumpets, to let people how good they are, and that now it’s time to start polishing that mouthpiece and blow!

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