Women’s Pay. The Facts

Women’s Pay

  • 5 pound note    Over the last decade, 20% more is how much a male graduate could expect to earn on average, than a female graduate. The gap was wider for non–degree   holders at 23%.
  •     The 2012 median full-time gender pay gap for hourly earnings was 9.6%.
  •     £28,700 was the median gross annual earnings for male full-time employees for the tax year ending 5 April 2012, while for women the figure was £23,100.
  •     In the financial sector, women working full-time earn 55% less annual average gross salary than their male colleagues.
  •     An average woman working full-time from age 18 to 59 would lose £361,000 in gross earnings over her working life compared to an equivalent male.
  •     An estimated 28,000 equal pay claims per year are accepted at tribunals in the UK.
  •     Research from the CIPD reveals that fair remuneration is the biggest factor employees consider when deliberating moving to a new job, even above job satisfaction. 54% of 2,000 employees say their top reason for wanting to change job is to increase salary and benefits.

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