Women’s Leadership Skills – More than the sum of their parts?

How do we measure women’s leadership skills? I came across this quote in a piece about Petra Kelly, following my interview with Caroline Lucas. It’s  referencing the fact that women may not want to play by the rules that suit most men. It has certainly given me food for thought so am sharing it with you here:

Leadership of women is an especially complicated challenge when they are not imitating the rules of competition, authority structures, quotation circles, and power games—but wish to have children, care for their parents or grandparents, and want to be independent of narrow role models. Women leaders face daunting tasks when they stand against sexism, subtle forms of discrimination, disrespect of good mothers, while expressing emotional and spiritual qualities and carrying on the unseen and mostly unpaid work of integrating and empowering groups and democratic movements.

You can read the full article by clicking here.

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