Will Your Colour & Gender Help or Hinder You? Guess…

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Opportunity Now have released three papers under Gender and Race Benchmarking. Here’s a useful précis of some of their findings:

Key Findings

BAME employees are less likely to be rated in the top
two performance rating categories

Women and BAME employees are less likely to be identified as
‘high potential’ or be selected for leadership training overall

The public sector is more likely to identify women and men as
‘high potential’ in similar proportions

BAME women are least likely to hold an executive directorship and
an non-executive directorship; yet BAME women are more likely
to be promoted than BAME men at other levels

Actions that correlate most strongly with higher promotion rates for
women are all ones that need to be embedded into core operational
process and driven from the top

Executive directorships are less likely to be diverse by gender and ethnicity than non-executive directorships

White employees are more likely to be promoted overall than all other groups

BAME women are more likely to be promoted than BAME men (BAME women overall promotion rate is 7.3% compared to 6.4% for BAME men)

*BAME Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic

There is much work to be done.

Find out more about Opportunity Now here.

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