Why is ‘Being Like a Girl’ an Insult?

I hate it when people think they are giving me a compliment by saying I do something ‘just like a man’. I’m a woman, for heaven’s sake, I don’t need my actions validated by being told I do it like a man, i.e. better than if I was doing it like a woman…. Acting ‘like a girl’ was often used as a form of control when I was very young too, usually to stop me playing with the boys:

Jane, don’t do that, it’s not very ladylike’.

It’s a terrible message. Like calling girls ‘bossy’ but not boys (I like to counteract that one with:

“What leadership skills they are showing!’ You must be so proud.”

So I was thrilled when a past participant from a RenewYou course sent me this video to watch. Take a look and see what you think.

If the clip doesn’t open for you try clicking this link instead.

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By the way, I’m working very hard to run my RenewYou licensing business ‘like a woman‘. Our aim is to work together and support each other. September is a busy month; I am running a trainers’ event in the Midlands and licensed trainers have courses happening across the country. Check the map to see where your nearest one is.


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One Response to “Why is ‘Being Like a Girl’ an Insult?”

  1. Shan Rees says:

    YES. Just the same as with other sexist remarks, it’s important – and fun – to turn around such comments. Lets do it!

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