What On Earth Have Cats, Kittens and Ducklings Got To Do with Anything?

kittens-by Sander 19 2

I’ll let you make up your own minds about that after you’ve seen the video (link below).

I think even if you’re not a ‘mad cat lady’ it would be hard not to love it. It’s a message about good timing, love, and difference not mattering if love is present. Of course, I may be reading too much into this, essentially it’s a video about kittens and ducklings, but it’s so sweet that I wanted to share it under the make yourself happy banner. A mother’s love triumphs over nature.

Share it with your friends; it’s virtually guaranteed to put a smile on their faces. (Unless they are cat and duck phobic. Under those circumstances, keep it to yourself!) ;>)

If you can’t actually see the video try clicking this link.

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Photo Credit: Sander19 Stock Exchange


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One Response to “What On Earth Have Cats, Kittens and Ducklings Got To Do with Anything?”

  1. Jim Frans says:

    Lends credence to the comment “Cain’t we all just get along”

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