Three Simple Yet Hugely Effective Coaching Questions for You

Most of us need a helping hand from time to time. And that’s never more true than when we’re trying to make important and significant changes in our life.

ghostbusters toys by mattelThat’s when women often contact me for *coaching support. If you’re embarking on some personal development these are some of the questions I ask my clients which I hope will help you

  • Who’s on your team? Who are the people who will help you? Who you gonna call?
  • Have you enlisted the support of significant others in your life who will be affected in some way by the change? And we’re not just talking work colleagues here.  Any change you make will usually have some impact on those close to you. If you don’t bring them on board, let them know what is happening, then they may subconsciously sabotage your efforts as they’ll be frightened of something changing over which they feel they have little control. You need to share your vision with them and reassure them if necessary.
  • Who, despite the best of intentions, may be likely to trip you up? Of your friends and colleagues, where is your ‘Achilles heel’ which you need to wary of and plan ahead for? There’s often someone who, possibly without realising it, can scupper our plans. That person may not even still be in your life but their impact lingers on. Try to identify them and then you can set about neutralising the effect.

Try asking yourself these questions next time you’re planning on some changes in your life.

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Photo courtesy of Mattel, makers of Ghostbuster toys

*I  rarely coach one to one outside of my corporate commitments.


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